Laminating a textile

Advantages of casing/laminating your fabrics, skins, foils, etc. with foam.

  • We case/laminate through gas-flame, which is the most robust method.
  • Suitable for all types of products: clothing, shoes, furniture, child and baby items, filters, etc.
  • We are the only company in Bulgaria that offers such services and we have been working since 2003.
  • We are distinguished with our highly specialized laminating method, which is its own separate production. We have a team of good specialists who have been working with us for years.
  • Fast delivery for orders across the whole country.
  • Easy logistics. If you now import 3 trucks with laminated cloth, you will only import the same amount though 1 truck when the fabric is not laminated and leave us to laminate it.
  • Your cloth can be delivered from your supplier directly to us. We will laminate it and send it directly back you. You can also deliver it personally, wait for the lamination process to be done, and take it back with you.
  • We can also sew and prepare your product, besides casing/laminating it.

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