About us

Piton EOOD is the largest company for the production of universal seat covers and seat cushions in Bulgaria since 2003. Our seat covers and seat cushions are made from original OEM textile and materials used in passenger cars. Our Piton and Bertold brands are the most preferred because of the good price-quality ratio and are well-known in our country and abroad, including the European Union, the Arab world, Asia, the countries of that used to be part Yugoslavia, and the former Soviet republics. We work only wholesale through distributors. We also produce for large European brands. We have modern production equipment: specialized sewing machines for thick fabrics, casing machine/laminating machine/for gluing – laminating, foam casing to different types of materials. We have clients from Western Europe in the field of auto accessories, furniture, clothing, electrical appliances and more. In addition to producing seat covers and seat cushions, we also offer custom fitting/laminating with foam and sewing various custom-made items for wholesale customers.

We have a personal new and modern 1200 m2 building, as well as leased 2000 m2 storage area. Working and rest conditions are on an European level.

We have a large and well-trained production staff. Some of our employees have worked in car seat factories in Western Europe. We have good reporting and traceability of orders through an integrated ERP system and warehouse program with a barcode system. This allows us to work on multiple orders simultaneously /for different clients/.

We are experienced in working with countries in the European Union, the Arab world, Asia, the countries of former Yugoslavia, and the former Soviet republics in export and import, communications, logistics, customs, etc.

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