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The advantages of being a distributor of seat covers and seat cushions Piton
  • Piton is a well-established European brand known in member-states of the European Union, the Arab world, Asia, the countries of former Yugoslavia, and the former Soviet republics
  • Our seat covers and seat cushions are made from original OEM textile.
  • Our models have a reserved European design at OHIM
  • The quality of the materials is very high and the price-quality ratio is very good
  • We only work with only one representative per country that sells our Piton products.
  • Our models are versatile and fit a wide range of cars. It is possible to match the models to the customer’s requirement for that country
  • Ability to order through a catalogue of fabrics
  • easier delivery – lack of customs within the European Union, which Bulgaria is part of
  • faster delivery times for the European Union
  • experience in export outside the European Union
  • the possibility of both large and small batches compared to orders from Asia
  • Good logistics: Delivery of an entire truck, just part of the truck /grouping/, bulk or ordered in boxes and pallets. Delivery to several of your landing stations.
We can produce our products with your private label 
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