All of our products are packaged and labeled in individual packaging, both ours or packaging provided by the customer.

We have an ERP system for easy inventory traceability. This allows us to process several large orders for different customers at once.

All items are stacked in boxes of the same size. On a single European pallet there can be 16 (sixteen) boxes at once. Each box has external markings in accordance with the customer’s individual requirements – name, bar code, item number, etc.

We deliver to any place in Europe within one week at one or more landing points. We are experienced in international trade. We quickly issue export documents for the European Union and other countries in Europe and Asia.

We dispatch entire trucks (33 pallets) or groupings (1 to 33 pallets) and the arrangement is in accordance with customer requirements – in pallets or in bulk.

We always keep in stock the materials that we use in order to make the products for each individual customer.

We always keep in stock a minimal amount of finished products for large customers for the goal of shorter deliveries and terms.

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