Seatcushion Top Alcantara

About Seatcushion Top Alcantara

  • Universal seat cushions, intended for the front seats of vehicles or vans. Made out of original OEM textile and thick foam /20-25mm/ for better comfort. Strong and stable. Assembly is incredibly fast and east – just in a couple of minutes. Fixated on the cover without moving or getting wrinkled. Can endure continuous use. Due to their thickness and inner filling they can cover holes and any damage of the original car seat and simultaneously protect it from liquid spillage, dirt, drilling, cigarette burns, etc. There’s no closer Chinese equivalent with the same qualities. We offer them to many wholesale clients and distributors under our or their personal brands. We offer 1 or 2 products per package.

Information about this series:

Central part:

Foam on the central part:

Side parts:

Foam on the side parts:

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Number headrest:

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